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Our mission is to position ourselves as the preferred provider of Human Resources Solutions, Recruitment and Related Consulting Services to our clients. We will develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clients through an excellent performance of our core business, which is to identify and recruit highly qualified candidates to fill specific clients needs. In fact we always seek perfection.


Pioneer Human Resources and Recruitment is an integrated services provider established to deliver Human Resources and Recruitment services to the local communities of the Arab Region with international standards utilizing the latest solutions in Information Technology with plans to expand horizontally to cover countries across the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and worldwide, and vertically to include new industry markets and specialties.


The core values of Pioneer Human Resources and Recruitment include the following:


Pioneer always strives to establish and maintain a reputation of reliability and integrity in its services, which will be of high quality and considers customer satisfaction as the engine of its vehicle.


By developing its leadership strategy, Pioneer applies a strict control program to govern its operational expenses and meanwhile prices its serices competitively.


Our staff is the mile stone of our existence; we will always encourage productivity by enhancing our effective HR Management practices, which will empower the individuals in the company to be well motivated and productive.


Pioneer is always keeping in mind rising the standards of living of the community individuals by offering them the best career development opporunities in diverse markets.


We believe that our knowledge of your industry is the best guarantee of success. Our search executives have a reputation as industry experts. Often they have worked in the industries they serve before joining our organization. Interacting in their marketplaces on a daily basis, they can locate, screen and recommend exceptional candidates. Today, Pioneer Human Resources and Recruitment is providing its services to cover the following areas:

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Retail Business and Hyper Markets

  • Engineering

  • Hospitality

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Information Technology

  • Oil Industry

  • Management and Finance


Because we're good listeners first, we don't waste time later. As your partner, we help you eliminate the risk of making the wrong decision. We invest the time to understand your values, your philosophy, and your requirements. We ask questions. We make you think.

As your trusted partner, our goal is to make the right match between the best candidate and the best job for that candidate. We are committed to conducting effective searches for the most able people who fit well into our clients' companies.


We know there are no simple formulas for completing a successful talent search. Most of the individuals best suited for your needs are not active job seekers. However, by conducting the proper research, and applying our professional expertise, we've produced an enviable record of success. We work closely with you, with our industry contacts and with our vast database of candidates who apply with us.

As your business partner, we consider each assignment as an important component of our relationship. And we work hard to achieve success every time. This caring and tenacious approach is why clients keep coming back to us. We perform the tasks that are important to you, finding the best candidates, assessing each candidate's capabilities based on your job specifications, determining the candidate's fit within your company's culture and the end results ' higher retention and lower turnover. By doing the work that we're trained to do, we find the best candidate match for you'.and you hire the best talent.



12,Ramo Building- Omar Ebn El Khatab St. off El Nasr Road

P.O.Box 8133 Masaken Madinet Nasr - Nasr City- Cairo - Egypt

Tel : 00202 - 23054391 / 92

Fax : 00202 - 23054393

Email : info@pioneerhr.com

Web : www. Pioneerhr.com

About us

About us