Recruitment Services






In the following we are presenting a detailed presentations of the recruitment services provided by our agency to the relevant customers and the criteria of the recruitment fees in return for providing this service.


LEVEL ONE: Recruitment Services


Complete Recruitment Services including the following stages :-


First Stage: CVs Collection

The candidates selection process is done either through the agency data bank or through advertising in the official newspapers if the required candidates are not available in our data bank. “In this case the advertising charges will be paid by the client “


Second Stage : CVs Screening

The recruitment specialists in our agency perform screening of all incoming CVs, make the required assessment and evaluation then select the suitable candidates whose qualifications and experience match with the provided job description provided by the client, hence disregard the unsuitable ones.


Third Stage: Preliminary Assessment and Interviews Conducting

Our recruitment specialists interview the selected candidates in order to short list them. This is based on the personal, mental and physical abilities of the candidates that make them qualified to undergo the English language assessment, the Psychological abilities assessment and their ability to work under pressure. Hence the candidate will undergo the pre-final professional interview conducted by the agency consultants and experts in various recruitment fields.  These interviews are headed by The Chairman and the Managing Director Dr. Osama Abdel Monem Abdel Salam in order to select the suitable candidates for the final interview with the client or his representative.


English Language Assessment

The English Language Assessments are prepared by specialists in the language field. The assessment includes written and oral test. The written one is to measure the candidate’s knowledge of  vocabulary usage , comprehension, linguistics, composition, translation, interpretation, correspondences and various writing skills while the oral test  stresses on the candidates command of the spoken English .


Candidates Psychological and Aptitude testing

This assessment is carried out by a well qualified clinical psychologist who has got a vast experience in this field in order to evaluate :-


q   Personal characteristics of the candidate.

q   The general psychological and conduct abilities of the candidate.

q   The mental and professional attitude of the candidate.

 Pre- final Professional Interview

This interview is conducted to measure the professional abilities of the candidates who have passed the previous interviews, each one according to his/her specialty. This interview is carried out  by a  specialized committee members of our agency in various aspects headed by Dr. Osama Abdel Monem Abdel Salam  “ Chairman and Managing Director “ who ultimately approves the candidates for final interview .

Worthy of mention , our agency has got a big number of advisors and university professors in various professional fields whom we get their assistance to do the technical evaluation  for the candidates to achieve a high  quality of candidates selection and consequently provide a top standard of services to our clients whom we are proud of to serve .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

 Final Professional Interview

This interview is conducted by the client or  his representative for the candidates who passed the pre final interview and initially approved by Dr. Osama Abdel Monem Abdel Salam , The Chairman and the Managing Director. It is worthy of mention that PIONEER

Provides full administrative assistance to the Clients Committee.


Fourth Stage: Review the qualification and experience certificates of the candidates and get them authenticated by the relevant official authorities.


Fifth Stage: Take the necessary actions regarding visa stamping and carry out all the required procedures through the relevant Consulates in Arab Republic of Egypt in addition to signing the employment contracts and get them authenticated by the relevant official authorities.


Sixth Stage:  Finalize the mobilization procedures of the candidates in the on time and get them ready for traveling. This is done in co- ordination between our agency and the client.


LEVEL TWO:  Interview Arrangements Only


Some clients have their own candidates, in this case our role is to arrange for the interviews, giving full administrative support and services.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services